Mission Statement


Blue Star Learning prepares students for professional and individual success through innovative high-quality vocational training that prepares graduates for entry to advanced-level positions in information technology. The institution keeps alert regarding industry needs and, accordingly, periodically revises its curriculum.



The overall objective of Blue Star Learning is to provide the highest quality of professional training for entry to advanced-level, information technology positions.

To accomplish this, School resources are directed toward achieving the following specific objectives.

  • Assisting students in developing high level professional and business communication skills
  • Offering specific programs focusing on the demands of the continuously changing information technology environment
  • Motivating students toward ongoing professional development, thereby increasing employment potential, competence, and mobility

Theoretical and practical training is provided.

The programs will challenge and motivate students in a manner that facilitates professional development and increases employment possibilities, thus furthering the institution’s mission and overall objective which is to provide the highest quality of professional training for entry- to advanced-level, information technology positions.


Blue Star Learning was founded in 1989 as a contract training organization.  The school offers vocational programs and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and training to prepare graduates for entry-level to mid-level positions in information technology.