California Multiple Award Schedule


Blue Star Learning, is a qualified and approved provider under the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) program. This contract is utilized statewide by both California state and local government agencies under delegated authority from the Department of General Services.

The CMAS contracts are established using product prices from already existing competitively assessed and cost compared multiple award contracts. The product prices are from the federal General Services Administration (GSA) multiple award schedule program.

Contract Number 3-12-70-2891A

Expiration Date December 31, 2016

Contract Administration Nimesh Shah

Site Address 6910A Miramar Road, Suite 200 San Diego CA 92121

Phone Number (858)622-1201

Fax Number (520)844-3335

  • Mail Purchase Orders To: All contract purchase orders must show CMAS contract number #3-12-70-2891A.