Employment Development Department

What is the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)?

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally funded training and job program that creates a new approach, providing workforce investment activities through statewide and local systems. Authorized workforce investment activities provided at the local level benefit job seekers, dislocated workers, youth, foster care participants, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities, and employers. These activities promote an increase in employment, job retention, earnings, and occupational skill attainment by participants. This outcome improves the quality of the workforce, reduces welfare dependency, and enhances the productivity and competitiveness of the nation.

Who Qualifies for WIA Funding?

Many people can qualify for WIA grants. Workforce funding is generally budgeted into Adult, Dislocated Worker, Older Youth and Younger Youth categories. The majority of funding is budgeted toward adult and dislocated workers whose current job skills are out of date or will be soon. Clients seek training to update current skills or learn skills for a new career if his or her current occupation is not in demand.

What is the Approval Process for WIA Participants?

Prospective WIA participants must visit a One-Stop center to find out if they are eligible to receive WIA grant funding. Prospective students who are good candidates for the program will meet with a WIA Counselor who will help guide them through the WIA process.