Drone Training

Drone Training

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Tuition: $ 19,061.70
Registration Fees: $ 100.00
Books & Supplies: $ 0.00
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Program Description

This program provides students who want to prepare for the coming commercial drone industry. We offer options for beginners and advanced pilots alike. Learn in a friendly environment from highly experienced industry professionals.

Target Audience

This course is intended for engineers.


Students must possess basic knowledge of computers and operating systems.

Program Length

627 Clock Hours, 35 Weeks-Day

Program NameClock Hours/Lecture/Lab
Drone Training627/408/219



Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • learn to fly and understand industry-standard flight system
  • receive actual hands-on flight training coupled with the airmanship knowledge to maintain and use your drone with confidence
  • teaches you advanced aerial photography and videography
  • planning and flying successful operations, programing flight patterns
  • achieve correct altitude and utilizing specific camera settings

Requirements For Program Completion

To successfully complete this program, students must maintain a minimum average of at least 70% or C.