Microsoft Junior Server Administrator

Microsoft Junior Server Administrator

Registration Fees: $100.00
Tuition: $13,440.00
Books & Supplies: $100.82


Program Description

This program is designed to provide training in network infrastructure using Windows Server. Students will learn how networks function, network components and their functions, TCP/IP networking, addressing and routing, remote access services and LAN/WAN, VPN.

Target Audience

This program is intended for those interested in pursuing careers as computer and network support specialists or network and computer systems administrators.


Students must be familiar with personal computers.

Program Length

384 Clock Hours, 22 Weeks

Program NameClock Hours
Windows Server 2008 Active Directory120
Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure120
Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator144



Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to

  • configure IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.
  • configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • configure routing.
  • configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
  • configure DNS zones.

Requirements For Program Completion

To successfully complete this program, students must maintain a minimum average of at least 70% or C.